Boys and their toys?  I love toys, always have and always will.  And now that I have Rogan, I can't hardly wait to spoil him.  Of course, I couldn't have all this without my understanding wife Libby.  Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with me.

My best trick to acquire a new toy is to buy it for her, knowing that I'll get to use it too (like a big screen TV for her to watch... Friends). 

Now this is a dream car... the Diablo!

Always have loved the Grand Sport flares...

Custom truck motor from Rooster Crow 2003, Rogue River, OR.

Sometimes fun can come in small packages... GRC Pocket Bike.

Another custom motor at Rooster Crow!

My Ram, primarily for transporting the toyz to and from.

Plenty of room for the whole family.

Nice 20" wheels to cruise around town on.

A spray-on bedliner that has earned its keep!

My old Saleen, #361 - 1999 S281 with a Vortech Supercharger... fast and fun!

Two reasons to commute, a Suzuki GSXR1000R and a Ducati 996SPS... (Suzuki has since been sold).

A frontal view of the commuter toyz.

Hot and sticky tires after a few laps on Thunder Hill Raceway in Willows, CA.

The Viper engine bay at Rooster Crow 2003 - it won first place in its class!

The Viper GTS "ACR" badge - "American Club Racer".

If only it had wings!

As snug as two bugs in a rug.

The mobile infantry... ready for battle.

Where's my pit crew?

Paddle shifted F355 Ferrari... F1 challenge anyone?

Now those are some sexy rear ends!

My old GMC Sierra 4x4 w/350 and a ProComp 6" liftt - check out those monstrous 35" tires.

Just anoter custom one of a kind engine... sweet.

A great car... classy and sporty! Gotta love the Ferrari style.

The Toyz on the go... what every man (boy) needs.

Beam me up Scotty!?!

Don't get to ride it much, but when I do - it's bliss!

There she is, freshly washed.

How about the powder coating on those wheels?

The stripes add that extra something to the Viper.

Installed these Xenon lamps and never had any problems with them.

I never got around to installing the brakes ducts or foglamps.

What a sweet ride... I'll miss her when she is gone!

Sweet lines!

Picture perfect... looks fast even standing still.

Upgraded Baer Eradispeed rotors and SBS pads.

What a sweet looking wheel.

A nice 'cockpit' shot...

Plenty of seat belt to keep you in your place!

Freshly vacuumed and Armoralled.

Now that is an engine... 420 RWHP.

I like the the way the hood flasre open.