This page is dedicated to those 'Honey-Do' efforts that make our lives easier to live.  It also serves as a source of frustration as I try my hardest to stay current with new technologies on the home front.  The house is roughly thirty-six years old and has yet to be labeled as finished, but we've only lived there for six years.  Current projects include hard wiring ethernet through-out (home runs - star topology).  Glad to say the wiring has been completed, even tripled the upload speed due to cat-5e cabling.  That means the ReplayTv, computers and even the PS2 are all linked up to the world wide web (Game-On!).

A better use for a dining room... the Scottish coming through loud and clear.

Nothing like a little R & R at home after a long day of work.

An empty bar top - an unusual occurance!

Before the actual bar was built, everyone got tired of sitting on the floor.

Pull up a seat and enjoy a cold one... what's your passion?

The white walls were a bit too bright - the red is nice and loud.

Anyone for a game of Hold 'em!?! Come and see what you can catch on the river...

This is where I administer the web from... or remotely from work (sshhh - don't tell my boss).

The old school patio, it had to go!

Nothing like the smell and look of Redwood, enjoy it while it lasts.

Plenty of room for a BBQ or two.

The new school patio, great for entertaining.

Gotta do something about the landscaping...

Damn that driveway was back-breaking work! One stone at a time... definitely wasn't built in a day.

After the landscaping... approximately six months of my life and every waking minute of free time!